Paper Boat Booksellers


Author Events + Book Consignment Program


One of our goals at Paper Boat Booksellers is to provide a platform for new authors/existing authors/local authors, to promote their work and get the word out about their books. We are happy to host author events and want to include those interested when we can. A few guidelines that we follow: we generally reserve our events program for newly released books only. So if you are self-published or with a small press, we urge you to think ahead and reach out as soon as possible. We book author events at least a couple of months in advance and as a courtesy, prefer to know when you are booking multiple stores.


Please email Desirae at: to chat about your upcoming event proposal.


We will consider book consignment starting in January 2020. If your book is self-published or otherwise available only on consignment, please send us a non-returnable review copy:

Paper Boat Booksellers: 6040 California Ave SW Ste A, Seattle WA 98136

Please understand that we need to review your book first and make sure that it is a good fit for our store. Some of the main factors to determine whether or not we will carry your book are: local interest, production, quality, season and shelf space. Books must be bound with a cover and a title printed on the spine. All marketing and promotion is the responsibility of the author.

If your book meets the above requirements, please read our terms below. If these terms are acceptable please email us at: and we will send over an Author Agreement Form to be kept on file.


  • We are committed to supporting local authors in our local community. Books from outside our community will not be accepted if we feel we cannot sell them successfully. You must receive confirmation from us that we will carry your book before sending them to us.

  • Consignment is very labor intensive: setting up records, tracking sales and managing the inventory must be done individually and by hand. We will only accept a handful of books to be on consignment during a 6 month period.

  • Our pricing terms follow the book industry standard of 60/40, where 60% of the retail price (set by the author) is payable to the author and 40% is kept by Paper Boat Booksellers.

  • Per agreement, we will display your books on our shelf for up to 6 months and pay accordingly when the time period is up.

  • We stock no more than three to five books for a new title. When we sell these books and need more, we will contact you. If you are scheduled for an author event, you will be asked to bring more books to sell during your event.

  • We will review sale performance every three to six months. If, after a minimum three-month trial, we feel sales are too low, we will discontinue carrying your book/s and ask you to pick them up at the bookstore. Books will be held for pick-up for two months, or until consigner picks them up (whichever comes first). If the consigner fails to respond at the end of two months, the books will be donated.

  • It is the author’s responsibility to notify us of any changes in mailing address or contact information. It is the author’s responsibility to deliver new inventory and pick up any unsold inventory.

  • All marketing and promotion is the responsibility of the author.